The Witcher: Monster Slayer 0.9.1037 – This changes for you

The 1037 update brings some great changes that we’ll take a look at in detail here. You can also find the APK download a bit further down in the article.

The update 0.9.1037 released on 12.07.2021 probably brings the biggest changes in a long time. The update was only a matter of time after the announcement of the release on 21.07.2021. In this way, the update is sent on its way before the worldwide release to be able to exclude problems at launch.

Official changes

What does this update mean in detail?

Just before the worldwide release, this update is the state of the game with which it will go live. We take a look at the most important changes in detail with you.

The new skills tree

Some skills have been changed from the effectiveness and also from the cost. Many players have already complained about this in detail. But are these adjustments really negative? I don’t think so. The way you get skill points has not changed, but new monsters have been added, which means that there are more skill points in the game. The fact that the costs for the skills are adjusted as a result is therefore completely legitimate from our point of view.

Level adjustment

As some players have already noticed, the required experience points for the levels have been increased, sometimes massively. The player Ifrey noticed that the ascent from level 30 to 31 now requires 125,000 points instead of 97,000 experience points. An adjustment that makes sense in our eyes. Like Ifrey, some players are already at a very high level even before the game is officially on the market. These players would reach level 40 (the current maximum level) in the near future. However, players should have a goal in the game for as long as possible and not have already reached everything in a very short time. In Pokémon Go, it took 4.5 years until a new maximum level was introduced. At the same time, bonus items such as the sword A’Báeth were increased in XP bonus from 20% to 25%.

Adjustment of prices in the store

Here, Spokko has taken a step in the right direction in our eyes. The prices were overpriced compared to other games. This has now been adjusted. At the same time, the prices of some items, e.g. swords, have also changed.

A definitely positive change is the introduction of different packages with which the inventory can be increased. Before the update, there was only one package for 2000 coins to expand the inventory space by 100 places.

Here we also come to the probably biggest outcry that this update brings with it. Spokko has massively reduced the costs for the expansions, by 50% from 2000 to 1000 coins for 100 slots. In order not to create an imbalance here, the players who had already bought inventory expansions were credited the difference in coins. This sounds fair at first, but if you take a closer look, you can see why some users are complaining now. We show you why in a small calculation example.

If a user, in this case myself, bought 2x the 100 slot expansion, I paid 4000 coins for it and got 200 additional slots in the inventory, so in total 400 slots. Since the inventory slots were reset, after the update I again have only 200 slots of space. I was reimbursed 2000 coins with which I can buy 2 expansion packs to upgrade again to 400 slots. in total I get the same result as before, or not?

No, unfortunately not. Because while I paid 4000 coins before the update, I only got the new price refunded. So I have lost 2000 coins in direct comparison to a player who buys the expansions only after the update. Converted into € this is about 8,50€ difference.

We have been assured by officials that they will look into this and let us know a decision. We are sure Spokko will make a fair decision for all players.

Adaptation of the potions and oils

What was not mentioned in the patch notes is also the adjustment of potions and oils. For example, the potion Thunderbolt was reduced in damage from 50% additional damage to 33%, but the effect of Simple Oil was increased from 25% to 33%.

Optical indicator of non-optimal blade

As we can see here very nicely, the interface immediately gives feedback whether the selected weapon is effective against the selected enemy or not. On the left, the sword A’Báeth was equipped, which brings more experience points, but is made of silver, not steel, which would cause additional damage against this opponent. On the right in comparison a steel sword

The sound bug, unfortunately not fixed

A bug that is particularly annoying for YouTubers and content creators is the sound that activates by itself, even though it was deactivated in the app’s settings. This leads to unwanted sounds during e.g. livestreams or recordings. We hope Spokko will fix this in the near future.

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