The Witcher: Monster Slayer scores with completely new skill system

Players who have played games like Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, or others are already familiar with the routines and consistent processes of Niantic. The Witcher: Monster Slayer from the Polish studio Spokko brings a breath of fresh air with a completely new concept.

New concept

As announced, The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be released worldwide on July 21, 2021 and will be available to all players. That’s why it’s worth taking a first look at the game and its mechanics. This much can be said: Spokko scores here with some differences to the previous games.

The skills system

The skill system in The Witcher: Monster Slayer was a big surprise for me, even if you don’t stumble upon it right away. In general, you miss explanations, but you are even more pleased when you come across something new. You can find the skills in the main menu in the lower right corner.

Here we see 3 categories in which we can improve. Combat, Alchemy and Signs. In each category there are different skills that do more damage, increase the effectiveness of your oils or reduce the cooldowns of your Signs.

The skill points

What makes the whole thing really exciting, however, is the way in which you can get skill points. Unlike expected, you don’t primarily get skill points for reaching the next level, as you might expect, but for upgrading entries in the bestiary, your animal book for monsters and creatures. Nevertheless, you still get one skill point for reaching the next level.

The bestiary

If you kill a monster or creature, you will receive its head as a trophy (fortunately only figuratively). If you kill the same monster several times, the page in the bestiary will be upgraded to the next level and you will receive a skill point for it. The first levels are 3, and then 50 kills of the same monster.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer scores with completely new skill system 6

So it is for you to kill, kill and kill again. The more monsters you kill, the more skill points you will get. We recommend that you don’t kill any enemies with a skull in the beginning, they are very difficult for the first levels.

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