Peridot account deleted – login in Pokémon Go no longer possible

Delete Peridot Account – Be careful here! In this article you will learn why you should be careful when deleting your Peridot account if you also play Pokémon Go.

Recently, Niantic has released its new game: Peridot. In it, you are supposed to take care of a small digital pet, your Peridot, similar to a Tamagotchi from the 90s. Visually, Niantic has completely reinvented itself and the Peridot look very creative and futuristic. In addition to walks, feedings and practicing tricks, you can also unite your Peridots with other players to breed new Peridots.

Linked accounts at Niantic

As was the case with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, your accounts from various games are linked to each other via the login. Thus, you will automatically find players of Peridot, Pokémon Go, Pikmin or others in the game or are already friends with them. A fact that has already caused great displeasure among players in the past, because friends were also removed in other games if you removed them in one of the games.

However, this linking of the accounts now goes further than previously suspected. As a post on Twitter shows, the accounts between the games are not only linked via the friend list.

The player deleted her account on Peridot and suddenly could no longer log into Pokémon Go. She also criticized the contact options to Niantic. For example, she only received automated responses via the contact form. A fact for which Niantic has often been criticized by players.

An unhappy individual incident? Very unlikely

Misipeka619_ is by no means alone with this problem, because other players also describe this kind of behavior in the social networks. The user KillerCory also almost made this mistake, as he describes on Reddit:

I almost made the same mistake. When you want to delete your account in Peridot, it simply says that you are deleting your Peridot account, there is no mention that other games are affected. You get an email to confirm the deletion, and the thing that stopped me was the sentence that says my current email address can no longer be used for Niantic. That said, I think the wording for deletion in the app itself could be better.

Deleting the account thus removes the login option for all other Niantic games as well. If you have a Pokémon Go account with the same email address, you will also no longer be able to use it.

Thanks to the community, Misipeka619_ was able to reactivate her account and use it again.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you delete Peridot only if you do not like the game, but do not delete your account.

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