Everything about the upcoming update in Monsterhunter Now

In a post, which unfortunately has been deleted from Reddit in the meantime, some interesting news about the game update and the upcoming event were announced.

Datamine notice

All information from Datamines is not officially confirmed, but merely findings from the game’s code or the GameMaster file on Niantic’s servers. Any interpretation of this information is purely speculative and should not be equated with official announcements. Programmers often add new ideas to their games and later discard them because one has a better idea, or that particular idea is not as feasible as one imagined.

Just because something is found in a Datamine doesn’t mean it will be implemented in the game anytime soon. Nevertheless, datamines can provide information about what is being worked on and offer a basis for speculation and hope for new features and events.

The following information was found according to the Datamine

New Monsters

Halloween Event

There are clues and naming for a Halloween event, so expect some spooky monsters. Monster Hunter Now Halloween assets have also been datamined, with a number of spooky pumpkins and a witch’s broom appearing in the game’s files. This would certainly indicate that Niantic will be planning seasonal content for Monster Hunter Now, that could include rewards and additional event quests. 

Everything about the upcoming update in Monsterhunter Now 1

New craftable weapons

New craftable weapons were also revealed in the Monster Hunter Now 61.1 leak, with many of them requiring Pink Rathian, Black Diablos, and Azure Rathalos materials. You can see all the new craftable weapons that will be coming in the update below: 

  • Blue Corona (Sword and Shield)
  • Rathalos Glinsword (Great Sword)
  • Azure Soulscorcher (Light Bowgun)
  • Wyvern Blade (Long Sword)
  • Wyvern Blade Indigo (Long Sword)
  • Azure Mightbow (Bow)
  • Galebender (Bow)
  • Cera Coilbender (Bow)
  • Chaos Shatterer (Hammer)
  • Wyvern Blade “Blossom” (Great Sword) 

New types of weapons

The Monster Hunter Now 61.1 update leak also revealed that Dual Blades and Lance will be added to the game. It’s important to note, that the Dual Blades were accidentally shown to Monster Hunter Now players in an official email, so this would certainly help validate this new leak. 

New Monster Hunter Now Battle Tools

Fans of the Monster Hunter series will be pleased to hear that Demon Powder, Flash Bombs, and Pitfall Traps could be coming to Monster Hunter Now. Known as “Battle Tools” in the game’s files, the items within this category aim to help hunters in their fights against Monster Hunter Now’s beastly foes. 

The items are known for having the following effects: 

  • Demon Powder: Temporarily enhance your hunter’s attack. 
  • Flash Bomb: Temporarily blinds a monster, lowering the accuracy of its attacks.
  • Pitfall Trap: A trap that catches a monster, stopping its movements for a few seconds. 

While the official descriptions for each “Battle Tool” have yet to be announced, it’s safe to assume they will have similar effects to their original iterations. 

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