Spokko refunds coins for inventory upgrades

As we had reported in our article about changes with the last update, there were price changes for the pocket expansions. Spokko refunded players 1000 coins per purchased expansion. However, they were purchased for 2000 coins.

As we had already written, the problem was immediately recognized by Spokko and we were assured by TheWay that they would look into this issue. As recommended, we sent an email to the support of Spokko and described the problem again in detail. Today we received an answer to our ticket which we would like to share with you.

We’re working to refund all of the gold coins you have spent on Saddlebags.
Keep calm - we already know about you and you won’t miss your gold! Please take note that it may take a few days.

As expected, Spokko will compensate all players here. Here goes a big praise to Spokko for his decision and fairness.

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