New hotfix for less bugs

A few minutes ago, Spokko announced via Discord another hotfix for The Witcher: Monster Slayer and also promised to fix other already known bugs in an upcoming hotfix.

The hotfix is rolled out server-side, so no update of the version on your phone is necessary. However, a restart of the app (possibly several times) is strongly recommended.

The following bugs were fixed by Spokko in this hotfix:

  • – bugs blocking progress in the “Sins of our Fathers” and the “Intruder” quests;
  • – bug in the “Evil never sleeps” quest that prevented some users from fighting against Liho again after losing the first encounter;
  • – bug with the “Monster Hunter” quest not starting for some users even after criteria to trigger it was met;
  • – bug which caused that some users were not able to attack Cave Trolls anymore after completing the “Monster Hunter” quest;
  • – bug with Thorstein and Master Witcher missing from the Glossary for some users.

Known bugs that will be fixed in future updates:

  • – bug, which can cause the “Sword in the Stone” quest to not proceed to the “Return to the sword at dawn” state;
  • – bug, which can cause “Intruder” quest to start with all te criteria met;
  • – bug, which can cause the “Will O’ The Wisp” quest not start after the game crash;
  • – bug, which can cause the “Intruder” quest block.

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