The Witcher: Monster Slayer – Hotfix 1.0.3

As we have just been informed by the support staff Szymon from Spokko, there will soon be a hotfix with version 1.0.3 which should fix several bugs.

The hotfix should fix these bugs

– we’ve fixed the game lock that sometimes occurred while investigating the monolith;

– we’ve fixed the friend referral link that failed to send a friend request;

– we’ve fixed app crashes that occurred while the app was starting;

– we’ve fixed random crashes during quests;

– we’ve fixed HUD visual issues that occurred while the “”I’m not driving”” popup was triggered;

– we’ve fixed notifications for some quests;

– we’ve fixed the textures for some NPCs;

– we’ve fixed a bug that prevented entering some menus and monster fights;

– we’ve fixed the visual bug concerning the friend package cooldown that occurred in the Russian language version;

– we’ve fixed a bug that prevented users from receiving items after defeating a monster.

We will see if the hotfix brings the promised improvements and what side effects or further bugs it brings.

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