Pre Safari Zone Meetup on Friday 29th of June

The Dortmund Pokémon GO community has organized a meetup for all the national and international trainers, who will stay in Dortmund over the weekend.

Community Meetup

This message is regarding everyone who will stay in Dortmund on Friday the 29.06.️

We got the approval for a big community meetup one day before the event! ️The meetup will happen at 18:00 local time (open end)️ The location is Westpark (not Westfalenpark) Here is the link so you can navigate:

We think it is a great opportunity to go through the park together, lure some stops, do one or two raids and get to know different trainers from all over the world. Next to the park there are two big supermarkets where you can get some drinks or food. Since everything might be pretty hectic on the following days and we really want to give you a great experience in Dortmund let’s enjoy the one calm day before the storm together.

Maybe some local trainers can give you advice where are the best farming spots, where to eat and so on. If you have any questions feel free to ask! We look forward meeting you on the 29th.

This text was given out by the Dortmund community. is not involved in the organisation process of this meetup in any way. However we will attend the meetup and will be at the Safari Zone on both days.

Max Beckmann
Max Beckmann
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