Corsola and special 2km eggs in Dortmund confirmed

The German website has confirmed via Twitter some information regarding the Safari Zone event in Dortmund, Germany. The blogger Freddy from also confirmes this information given at a press conference regarding the event.


Corsola and special 2km eggs in Dortmund confirmed 1
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Corsala was confirmed as the exclusive regional event Pokémon at the Safari Zone in Dortmund. The previous information by the city of Dortmund that Tauros and Farfetch'd will be spawning is therefore false.

This will most likely be a disappointment to a lot of people, since Corsola is probably one of the easiest regionals to obtain, due to its large spawn area.


Corsola and special 2km eggs in Dortmund confirmed 2

This was already speculated and now it is officially confirmend that the letters D-O-R-T-M-U-N will be spawning at the event.

Special 2km eggs

It was also confirmed that there will be a lot of additional Pokéstops at the Westfalenpark which will be lured during the entire time of the event. These Pokéstops will give out special 2km eggs. Thanks to previous events like these, we know that those will much likely hatch Pokémon usually found in 10km eggs or rare species like Pichu and Togepi with a high chance of being shiny.

If you're planning to hatch a lot of those eggs, you should use the current ingame deals to purchase some super-incubators.

Food and Beverages

Water will be free at the event. Snacks can be purchased at the park.


Every player will receive a goodie-bag with some stuff in it, for example a wrist band like the ones given out at previous Safari Zone events.

Group foto and lounges

At 12:00 noon, both Saturday and Sunday, there will be a meeting for a group foto at the Seebühne (Lake Stage).
There will also be team lounges to meet and recharge your phones and special foto walls as well.


Vodafone, Telekom and Telefonica have already confirmed to have COWs (celltowers on wheels) at the location. An additional WiFi is currently being installed at the Westfalenpark.

Time of the event

The event will take place on Saturday June 30th and Sunday June 1st. The event begins at 9am and will end at 9pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. Outside the event hours, there will be no special Pokémon in Dortmund. Also no raids will take place inside of the park, during the event.

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