This feature is the envy of all Pokémon Go players

As a pioneer and blockbuster, Pokémon Go is usually used as a comparison for new AR games. A comparison that Pokémon Go loses this time.

I noticed it last week when I was sitting in the car with friends on the way to a restaurant. I was sitting in the back seat playing The Witcher: Monster Slayer while a friend was moving the car through the city. Even though we were driving at up to 80km/h, it was no problem attacking monsters, collecting herbs or fighting at Nemeton’s.

Depending on the cell phone and provider, it is therefore possible (please ONLY as a passenger) to play The Witcher: Monster Slayer even at higher speeds without any problems. In comparison, Pokémon Go stops at around 30km/h and hardly any Pokémon appear.

TheWay confirms: No limit planned at this time

Of course, we wanted to know officially and asked TheWay, Community Manager at Spokko.

„Hey Cyber, we are not planning such limit at the moment. 😉

— TheWay_Spokko

However, we are well aware that this is also a question of resources and performance. So it may well happen with an increasing number of players that a regulation is introduced here. Until then, we are happy about it and pass some boring drives by chopping off the heads of monsters.

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This feature is the envy of all Pokémon Go players 2